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Launch of Zoom Poker

After awaiting it for so long, finally, the real cash version of Pokerstars’ fast poker product, Zoom Poker, will finally get launched by the end of this week. Such release has been preceded by a lot of beta testing. Pokerstars has announced that a sum of 300,000,000 poker hands have been played over the course of the public testing period. The testing period for the public has lasted for 2 months, and Pokerstars also announced that more products are being developed and will be soon released.

All of this beta testing, time and effort are paying off, as the semi launch that will not encounter any trouble is expected to attract millions of players to play Zoom poker on the poker titan’s gambling website, which will have a tremendous effect on the traffic. Zoom Poker was initially only available for lower stakes NLHE, but after proving its worth and its popularity, it became available in Omaha as well with having stakes that vary between 2.5 dollars to 5 dollars.

Commenting on this, Daniel Negreanu, the very famous poker player who is a part of the Pokerstars professional team stated that he likes this new genre of poker a lot. He continues and said that this genre allows the players to play poker in a whole different way which is innovative and fun. One of the reasons is that players who get a bad hand have to wait until the next hand after they fold, but this genre would allow them to get in another hand as soon as they fold without having to wait.

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Lock Poker Acquiring Cake Poker

Lock Poker the internet poker website has stated that it intends to buy several assets and resources that belongs to Cake Network that belongs to Cake Gaming NV. This will lead to a name change of the worldwide poker network. It will be named Revolution Gaming. Lock Poker also announced that such acquisition and purchase will lead to the use of state of the art technology and top notch marketing methods to provide the players with the most lucrative features and rewards. It also stated that it will provide its players with rich games and a heavier schedule for the poker tournaments. Lock Poker added that the team members of its elite LockPro professional team are the ones who are going to responsible of applying such amazing changes to revamp and renovate the poker network.

The Chief Executive of Lock Poker, Jennifer Larson, stated that Merger of Networks was a great time and a very necessary step for Lock Poker on its way to success, but Lock Poker now needs to go bigger. She also added that now the company needs to build itself its own path to success and the only way Lock Poker is going to achieve that is by doing all the best it can for its players and by involving them in every step they take. Jennifer Larson was speaking the truth, as Lock Poker announced that the LockPro team of players will be called upon and will have their recommendations in the core of all the decisions taken by Lock Poker.

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Due to political reasons, it seems that once again, Governor Christie is going to back out from approving and accepting online gambling in his state. He has backed off and delayed actions that would have freed the state of New Jersey from all federal bans on sport wagering. Senator Lesniak commented on this by saying that the Governor is endangering the future of Atlantic City due to his concerns about the support of Sheldon Adelson, who is considered the money machine of Newt Gingrich and the right wing.

On the 8th of November, which is exactly 6 months ago, there was a proposed legislation that would fix the constitution of the state of New Jersey that would result in the legalizing of sport wagering at the casinos of Atlantic City and the race tracks of the state. This legislation passed by a voting ratio 2:1. In last January, a bill was passed that would allow casinos and race track to offer wagering services to its players. This bill was signed by the governor on the 17th of January.

Around that date, Governor Christie announced that he has changed his mind towards online gambling as a result of the announcement by the United States’ Dept. of Justice that reversed its position towards internet gambling by clarifying the meaning of the Wire Act by saying that it is not applicable to online gambling. It seems that all of this has changed as a result of political pressure, as he Governor has changed his potion once again, and now holds a position against the bill and against online gambling.

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