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Free poker applications for Android phones

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Free poker applications for Android phones


Android is the second leading operating system for smart phones today, and this all began when Google bought the Android system from Android Inc. last 2005. It is based loosely on the Linux operating system which has proven to be very user friendly, hence the number of people who have chosen the Android operating system over other kinds of OS phones. This is also the reason why there are many different free poker applications that are available for Android phones. Free poker Android games are very much like a lot of the other kinds of free poker applications, in it that they are trying to emulate the kind of poker games played over the internet.
The rise of the popularity of poker games on the computer rose through many different websites that offered players the opportunity to play virtual poker with people all over the world. The money that is being used in these games is of course not real money, which is one of the reasons that people have so much fun with it. People are getting more and more addicted to poker thanks to the opportunity to play with sums of money that they otherwise would not have been able to play with in real life. Now, thanks to free poker games for the Android phone, Android users can play poker where ever they are at any time of the day.

This is a great game to play when you have some down time but are in the mood for an activity that still makes you think. Poker in itself is a challenging and addicting game, and being able to practice it on Android phones is also a large pull for people to download the free games. Usually the free games are quite limited as opposed to full games that can be purchased, but it is not completely impossible to find a nice free game to play on that is also complete with features.

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Free Online Poker Games Do Exist

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Free Online Poker Games Do Exist


-If you like playing poker, but also love to stay at home and resume your lifestyle being a homebuddy, then you should try the free online poker sites. If you prefer top of the line casinos then casino-on-net, a free online poker site that also offers other kinds of games that you can also enjoy, is definitely for you.

Ever since its official launch, which was in the year 1996, more than seven million people have encountered the fun and challenge of casino-on-net. It is the only online poker site that offers its users a very wide selection of free online poker games, between private table and public table, wherein you can play with the other users. You can also play with a group table if think you play better within a group.

Playing free online poker is much more varied than playing in a plain poker room. Free online poker rooms have different strategies and odds that are deemed to be one of a kind. Yet, playing free poker online is more comfortable and also even more profitable for a few.

These free online poker players win and bag the prize because they have a good understanding on how to play by the rules efficiently, and not against them. They probably have also availed of strategy guides from a free online poker variant.

If you still do not know much about free online poker tournaments, then here are some explanations about free online poker tournaments that could turn out to be doubly helpful to you. A free online poker tournament is a contest where every free online poker player begins with chips of equal amount and continues playing the free online poker game until one player remains and wins all chips.

Hopefully, that piece of information dawned light, even just a small amount of light, on your vision concerning free online poker tournaments. You have to understand it first before you can actually join for you to have a better chance of winning the prize.

Blinds or antes are raised consistently throughout the free online poker tournament. The small blind is the player whom you can find at the left side of the dealer button. The big blind, however, is not found at the right side of the dealer button, but is located at the left side of the small blind. And no, there is no medium blind.

There are two kinds of free online poker tournaments. The first kind is the sit and go tournament. This kind of tournament usually happens on a single table. The sit and go tournament also has a maximum of ten players only. It starts as soon as each of these said ten players is seated.

Just so you would know, the seats in a sit and go tournament are given randomly. This kind of tournament would also resume until the winner stays. Rewards are more usually also given to the runners-up.

So if you do not end up being the free online poker winner of this kind of tournament, the sit and go tournament, you do not have to fret for there are also prizes that will be rewarded to you, if you do get the rank of runners-up.

Now, the second kind of free online poker tournament is the multi table tournament. This kind of tournament has many players who are distributed across quite a number of tables. The officials of this kind of tournament have already prepared everything that is needed to be prepared beforehand, including the setting of starting times.

The players that are going to play in this multi table tournament must also register first, and should register before the game and not during. Now if you have done exactly that, you are now considered eligible to play a game of free online poker under the multi table tournament.

All of the assigned seats are randomly drawn before the start of the multi table tournament. As the play continues and some of the players end up getting knocked out, the remaining free online poker players are transferred to different tables to be able to keep them full. Tables will break down from the highest numbered to the lowest numbered, and not the other way around. The moving of free online poker players from table to table, which takes place because of the breaking down, is also and still done randomly.

All of this continues until only one free online poker player remains. Tournaments will only stop when one player wins all the chips. Players are out of the game when they do not have any chips left.

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Free Online Poker Games

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Free Online Poker Games


Free Online Poker Games or FOPG is the latest craze among the services offered by online poker websites. Free Online Poker Games helps beginners or novices to improve their poker game and take the risk to play at an actual poker tournament.

Free Online Poker Games are made to teach beginners and novices certain poker play strategies and arm them with enough knowledge to face the challenge of winning in an actual poker game in a poker tournament.

Online poker websites offers tutorials that are free to beginners or novices who are interested in learning more of the game of poker. Aside from tutorials, online poker websites offered FPOG or Free Online Poker Games to interested beginners or novices who want to practice their knowledge in poker games.

Engaging in Free Online Poker Games will surely improve a beginner’s or a novice’s poker plays. This will be immediately noticeable after only a few plays at Free Online Poker Games.

If a person is new to online poker or online poker websites, he can start by trying out playing poker in Free Online Poker Games at online poker websites. A person will certainly have a good time if he will play at Free Online Poker Games but when he realize that the Free Online Poker Games were meant to improve his poker plays, he will certainly have to take it seriously.

A player must always bear in mind that the action in a real poker play tournament is very different from the action in Free Online Poker Games. There is the absence of the risk of having to spend or lose money in Free Online Poker Games. Again, players or gamblers will see that playing in Free Online Poker Games is easier and more fun than playing in actual poker game tournaments.

Playing In Free Online Poker Games

Almost every online poker rooms available on the Internet have some offerings of Free Online Poker Games available. These Free Online Poker Games does not make the online poker rooms any amount of money.

These Free Online Poker Games are offered because the online poker rooms allows customers or clients, players or gamblers to get cozy and comfortable with the online poker software or with Free Online Poker Games prior to playing for the actual money cash.

There are times when the players or gamblers in Free Online Poker Games start to play in an actual poker tournament. Online poker rooms available on the Internet are very much aware of this. From the start that a poker player or gambler has no obligation to ever play in an actual poker game, the casinos will offer incentives to them to have access to the free poker rooms. These casinos do this scheme because they know and understand that in the long run the players or gamblers will play in the actual poker environment.

Free Download Of Free Online Poker Games

Every online poker room available on the Internet offers free downloadable online poker games. Players or gamblers can use this Free Online Poker Games to be able to enhance their skills in playing poker, more than improving their game aptitude, they will be able to acquire the necessary.

Free No-Download Online Poker Games

Sometimes, a player or gambler does not have much room in their computer to store the free downloadable poker game software. If a beginner or novice does not have much space storage in their computer, they can instead use the no download online poker games.

The beginners or novices can also use the no-download online poker games to play from multiple locations. They can play online poker this easy.

Unlike the Free Online Poker Games that are downloadable, players or novices, and even seasoned players can instead use the no-download online poker games.

Freeroll Poker Tournaments

The freeroll or ‘free roll’ tournament poker game is a competition that is set up by an online poker room available on the Internet. The freeroll or “freeroll” tournament  allow the free-money players the chance or opportunity to be able to compete for the real money prizes available but without having pressure to pay a tournament entry fee.

The cash prizes that are awarded to these players or gamblers are furnished by the poker room, and not from the entry fees. This freeroll poker tournaments are another promotional tool that are offered by online poker rooms available on the Internet to get players or gamblers, novices and beginners to both download the online poker software and are also excited regarding the real money possibility of the game.

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